Arco is able to produce and fit any type of furnishing or fittings anywhere in the world. This can include providing plasterboard partitions, panelling, flooring, glass partitions and windows, trimmings or lighting all completely following the design and the specifications of the client. A network of external collaborators ensures that specialist projects can be undertaken. When required, the company also works as a general contractor coordinating and managing the different suppliers within a project. Arco is also an authorised dealer for some of the most prestigious brands in international design.


Arco has produced furnishings, fittings, interiors and shops for some of the best-known firms in the furniture, design, architecture and fashion sectors. The company, and all its different components, work continuously with Italian and foreign designers and have managed commissions for retail spaces, events and important exhibitions in the role of general contractor. A list of the main projects is available on request according to the relevant legislation.